Inside bikini-photo startup Six4Three’s scrappy battle to put Facebook on trial – NBC News

Inside bikini-photo startup Six4Three’s scrappy battle to put Facebook on trial – NBC News

file But some experts believe the significance of Kramer’s lawsuit goes far beyond an app that might be viewed as unsavory. “Ted is at the center of one of the most important questions of our decade: How can personal information and privacy be used to harm competition?” said Ashkan Soltani, who previously served as the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist and is now an independent privacy researcher based in Oakland, California. Still, Kramer’s crusade has found few public allies in the tech industry. At least half a dozen prominent investors and startup founders told NBC News in private conversations that they’re rooting for Six4Three, but that they would not say anything publicly that could harm their relationship with the social network. As a result of the lawsuit, Kramer fears becoming an outcast in Silicon Valley. But his goal has not changed: to put Facebook’s entire business model on trial — particularly what he views as the company’s bait-and-switch of offering Facebook user data to apps like Pikinis and then removing it. “This is all because I am standing up for what is right and trying to hold Facebook accountable for its fraud, ” Kramer said in an email, “something ....

In Six4Three’s most recent amended complaint, filed in January 2018, the startup accuses Facebook of a “series of fraudulent and anti-competitive schemes” designed by its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. According to leaked documents from the Six4Three lawsuit, Zuckerberg began efforts to shut down apps’ access to user data in 2011 and 2012 — several months before Six4Three was founded. If Facebook had been transparent about those efforts, “then Six4Three never would have started its business, ” Kramer said. Among a long list of things that Six4Three has asked the court to impose is a restoration of the earlier version of the more permissive Graph API. That’s something Facebook has vowed not to do. A Facebook spokeswoman noted that the Pikinis app had not even fully launched in the spring of 2014 when the company announced that apps’ access to user data would be shut down. HOW TED KRAMER STARTED SIX4THREE Kramer didn’t set out to become Facebook’s antagonist. In fact, he began his career as a baseball player. In 2007, after he finished college, Kramer played one season for the Haar Disciples, a professional baseball team outside Munich. .

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