Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a may come to T-Mobile – The Verge

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a may come to T-Mobile – The Verge

Google’s Pixel 3a, the all-but-announced midrange phone that leaked on Google’s own storefront, may be coming to T-Mobile. Sources speaking to 9to5Google and Android Police shared that the carrier has begun testing the Pixel 3a on its network, and that T-Mobile may soon begin selling the upcoming phone in its stores alongside the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. This would mark the end of Verizon’s exclusivity deal that made it the only US carrier allowed to sell Google’s phones.
It’s unclear if such a change would impact only the third generation of Pixel phones, or iterations to come as well.T-Mobile support for Pixel phones is nothing new; all previous Google Pixel models have worked on T-Mobile, as well as the other GSM and CDMA carriers in the US. However, news that Google may launch its phones on another carrier is certainly noteworthy. And according to a source speaking to Android Police, we may soon see the release of the Pixel 3a and the larger Pixel 3a XL.Google I/O 2019 on May 7th would be a good venue for an announcementT-Mobile employees say their release is on a “very short” timeline, and that the Pixel 3 lineup heading to ....

That’s a bit vague, but Google I/O 2019, which is kicking off on May 7th, would be a likely venue for an announcement. We can expect to see features detailed for the Android Q software update.
And if Google can block off a few minutes in its keynote, why not give the industry’s currently worst-kept secret its big moment on the stage?The Google Pixel 3a is expected to come in two sizes: 5.6 inches for the Pixel 3a, and 6 inches for the Pixel 3a XL. Both phones are rumored to ship with 1080p displays, the same Snapdragon 670 processors, and (fingers crossed for this one) a headphone jack. In a recent leak, these phones were listed by Google as “midyear experiences, ” suggesting that they could kick off Google’s new biannual hardware release strategy. .

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