Tesla’s new Model Y SUV hits the right note by playing it safe – USA TODAY

Tesla’s new Model Y SUV hits the right note by playing it safe – USA TODAY

CLOSE Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the new SUV will “ride like a sports car.” USA TODAY The ho-hum reaction to Tesla's new electric SUV is, oddly enough, exactly what the company needs. Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered no surprises Thursday night when he revealed the company's brand new electric SUV, the Model Y. But for a company that needs a little less pizzazz and a little more substance to make good on its promise to become a sustainable force in the auto industry, the Model Y hit the right marks. It's essentially a crossover version of the Tesla Model 3 compact car, bearing the design hallmarks of a hatchback and sharing the same architectural platform as its car sibling. That Tesla devotees weren't rewarded with sizzling new features on the Model Y illustrates that the company is getting serious about selling vehicles. After all, a compact SUV is precisely what Americans want: a driveable vehicle that puts safety first and flash second. Versions with five and seven seats will be available, with starting prices ranging from $39, 000 for the base version to $60, 000 for a performance ....

I like the new Tesla model Y. I think if they can deliver it in 2020 and 2021 with a good quality build I see it being very popular. I know people are kind of disappointed it doesn't look crazy cool but its solid. — Jason Benner (@JasonBenner7) March 15, 2019 Stayed up past my bedtime to watch the Tesla Model Y unveil event. SO pumped for the future of electric vehicles. What a time to be alive!! @Tesla@elonmusk — Kayla Elles (@kaylamelles) March 15, 2019 Families can make the Model Y their primary vehicle since the battery range goes from 230 miles to 300 miles depending on the version. .

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