Tesla Model Y first ride: Musk’s compact SUV is a lot like the Model 3 – The Verge

Tesla Model Y first ride: Musk’s compact SUV is a lot like the Model 3 – The Verge

The first thing that struck me about Tesla’s new Model Y when it was unveiled onstage in Los Angeles on Thursday night was how much it looks like the Model 3. A few minutes later, when I got in for a quick ride, the similarities were undeniable.As we zipped down and back on Jack Northrop Avenue, just outside the fences that surround Tesla’s design studio and SpaceX’s headquarters, it was hard at times to remember that I was in the front seat of a brand-new car that won’t enter production until 2020. Aside from a slightly higher ride height and marginally improved visibility, I might as well have been in Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, the Model 3.On one hand, that’s great. It means the Model Y feels close to production-ready, and not like a shabby prototype that was shoved onstage to generate preorders.
On the other hand, it was also a little underwhelming. To be fair, Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk had telegraphed as much in the run-up to the unveiling of the Model Y. .

For example, Musk said the new compact SUV would share about 75 percent of parts with the Model 3. I understood that could make it theoretically easier and cheaper to build the Model Y, but I guess I hadn’t processed how literally those similarities would manifest.The Model Y shares the giant touchscreen, dashboard, and even the same center console as the Model 3. Since the Model 3 features one of the most sparse cockpits on the market, there was not much else to distinguish the Model Y’s interior, save for the optional third-row seats.The Model Y shares the Model 3’s touchscreen, dashboard, and even the center consoleLooking ahead now, it seems pretty clear that one of the questions Tesla will face in the many months between now and when the first Model Ys ship in “fall 2020” will be whether it’s different enough from the Model 3.
Will the ride height, stockier profile, and ability to cram in two jump seats distinguish the car enough for customers to care, especially when the Model 3 is cheaper? There were concerns that the Model Y might eat into demand for the Model 3. But after Thursday’s event, I think it’s worth considering ....

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