Google Stadia wants creators to play with fans, but could leave them vulnerable – The Verge

Google Stadia wants creators to play with fans, but could leave them vulnerable – The Verge

Google wants its upcoming game-streaming service, Stadia, to up the ante for live-streamed games on YouTube, but Google didn’t address the many ways its system could lead to harassment, demonetization, and other problems for creatorsOne of Stadia’s most exciting developments for YouTube creators is “Crowd Play, ” a feature that allows creators to play games like NBA 2K19 with their viewers. It seems like a good idea on the surface, but Google’s presentation didn’t mention any potential harms that could come from Crowd Play.
For just over an hour, multiple members of Google’s Stadia team and YouTube’s head of gaming, Ryan Wyatt, spoke about the benefits Stadia had for players and creators. Gaming is more seamless, Google Stadia chief Phil Harrison claimed; Wyatt told YouTubers it would open a whole new world of interaction and engagement with fans.Neither Harrison nor Wyatt touched upon one of the most important questions: how easily can bad actors take advantage of Crowd Play?Imagine a popular YouTube creator with a sizable audience. They have an army of dedicated fans that follow them everywhere, and are ready to line up for a chance to play a game with their favorite YouTuber. Stadia is a perfect way ....

A popular YouTuber known for gaming streams, like DanTDM or Jacksepticeye, may attract trolls who purposely line up just for an opportunity to yell offensive or hateful words on stream.
When that happens, it’s often the creators hosting the stream who have to deal with the consequences. So if a creator is using Stadia, which Google and YouTube want them to do, what protects them from flagrant abuse?“Live-streaming with fans is the digital equivalent of signing autographs after a show.”These problems aren’t just possibilities in the realm of live-streaming — they happen regularly. YouTube is home to countless compilations of trolls using voice chat or text-to-speak technology in an effort to disrupt live streams.It’s unclear if Stadia will allow YouTube creators to choose who they play with or if the lobby just measures how many people are in line. YouTube or Google may have already planned for bad actors abusing the system, but no one addressed it during the keynote. .

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