Google Stadia has promise — if it can resolve these 3 questions – VentureBeat

Google Stadia has promise — if it can resolve these 3 questions – VentureBeat

At the Game Developers Conference 2019 this week, Google stole the show by announcing Stadia, its on-demand streaming service for video games. Set to launch later this year, Stadia promises to revolutionize gaming by streaming blockbuster games using any TV with Chromecast, computers running a Chrome browser, and any Android device — no console required.While light on specific details, Google’s GDC presentation about Stadia was certainly impressive. Games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey will load within 5 seconds and run on any device, according to Google. Stadia’s high-end GPU pushes more than 10.7 teraflops — significantly more than Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.Google execs also said that Stadia at launch will support 4K at 60 frames per second, with immediate future plans to upgrade the system at 8K resolution and 120 FPS. And while Google created a dedicated Stadia controller, existing third-party controllers players already own, or keyboards and mouse, will work just fine.Stadia also may have cracked the latency problem.
I was in the AC Odyssey Project Stream test last fall and, going into it, I couldn’t fathom how the controls would be anything but a laggy mess. .

I was pleasantly surprised to never have had any performance or lag issues over the 30-plus hours I played. Granted the test was limited to 1080p (which is much less demanding than their 4k plans), but it’s a very promising start.At Reach3 Insights, I help tech and gaming companies better understand the consumer landscape, and so I am very interested to see how — or if — Stadia will indeed transform the market. I have very little doubt that the launch of Stadia will be met with fanfare and hype, but it’s worth noting that Google is entering a very crowded general gaming market with a significantly different approach than many consumers, used to consoles and phones, might be used to. To maximize the impact of the Stadia launch, Google will need to make decisions that are aligned with the evolving preferences, attitudes and opinions of consumers.The following three points, in particular, will be critical:1.
Get pricing rightIn an interview with CNN Business, Google vice president and general manager Phil Harrison said the company intentionally pursued a “screen agnostic” strategy to deliver a service that doesn’t require players to pay for consoles. .

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