Google resists pressure to pull LGBT “conversion therapy” app – Axios

Google resists pressure to pull LGBT “conversion therapy” app – Axios

Google has so far refused to take down an app, already barred by Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, that aims to convince people that their same-sex sexual attractions are both sinful and changeable. Why it matters: The app, from Living Hope Ministries, amounts to a form of conversion therapy, say LGBTQ rights groups that have urged Google to change its stance. Go deeper472 Words Details: The app offers testimonials and articles and includes sections for men, women, young people and parents. More than 139, 000 people have signed a petition calling on Google to ban the app, which has been downloaded at least 1, 000 times. (The Google Play app store no longer gives specific download numbers but reports rough tiers.) A separate petition, calling on Apple to reinstate the app, has 20 signatures. The big picture: The practice of conversion therapy is roundly opposed by the mainstream medical community as both ineffective and dangerous. Conversion therapy is opposed by prominent professional medical associations, including the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. A 2018 study by The Family Acceptance Project found rates of attempted suicide ....

That index is due out late this month. That said, Google could face a backlash from the other side of the ideological divide if it reverses course. . .

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