Google app 9.51 preps contributing to shared Collections, new Bisto features, more [APK Insight] – 9to5Google

Google app 9.51 preps contributing to shared Collections, new Bisto features, more [APK Insight] – 9to5Google

The latest beta release of the Google app is rolling out this evening, and details work on a number of minor features. Google app 9.51 reveals some possible new Bisto features, the ability for other users to add items to shared Collections, and more.
About APK Insight: In this ‘APK Insight’ post, we’ve decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs, in the case of Android apps), we’re able to see various lines of code within that hint at possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect. We’ll try to enable those that are closer to being finished, however, to show you how they’ll look in the case that they do ship. .

With that in mind, read on.Google Assistant headphonesWith version 9.23 in February, we spotted new strings for “bisto” (what Google Assistant headphones are called in the Google app).
The option to “Output responses via HFP” refers to the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP) used by phones to communicate with cars. Given this association to vehicles and the new Link Drive and Roav Bolt class of devices, we assumed that there was some relation between the two types of Assistant audio products.Google app 9.51 today renames the “Output responses via HFP” option to “Speak responses as a phone call, ” with a description noting that you should “Try this if you’re having trouble hearing your Assistant.”The option could be for Assistant headphones after all as the setting briefly flashes as users open the Pixel Buds page in Assistant settings. “Play start sound” and “Play end sound” also appear, but are not accessible and disappear when the full settings page loads.Extra settings briefly appear Collections contributionsThe Collections feature that allows users to save links, images, products, and places in Google recently added the Pinterest-esque ability to publicly share groupings. A future capability might let users “contribute” to a Collection, with the owner able ....

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