All the Game Streaming Services Google Stadia Is Up Against – Gizmodo

All the Game Streaming Services Google Stadia Is Up Against – Gizmodo

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)This week Google announced Stadia, a gaming service that runs from the cloud rather than a console in your living room or a souped-up gaming rig in your study. The concept of streaming games over the web isn’t new though—these are the other services that Stadia is going up against, and what they offer.First, let’s quickly recap what Stadia is. Essentially, it runs games on Google’s servers, then streams them to your device of choice at up to a 4K resolution.
It will work on basically any device that can run Chrome or supports the Chromecast protocol. Advertisement Running games from the cloud to a device means Google can promise some pretty cool tricks—like being able to easily swap between devices, and being able to easily share game states with other people—but we’re still waiting on quite a few of the details, like how much it’s all going to cost.For this to work, it needs a fast internet connection and a way of minimizing lag between inputs and responses—something Google is looking to do with its own dedicated controller (it connects to the cloud directly via wifi). We’ll have to wait and see just how polished Stadia ....

The principle is the same as Google Stadia, with Nvidia GPUs and other hardware running the games, and then streaming them to your devices over the web.Here the video is capped at 1080p at 60 frames per second, but at least it’s already live, unlike Google’s offering. For that top speed, Nvidia recommends a 50 Mbps connection and will knock the stream down to 720p for connections of 25 Mbps and under.
You are limited to four hours of gaming per session however, at which point you’ll have to save the session and come back later.Originally offered only on the Shield Android TV box, GeForce Now has since been expanded to PCs and Macs—you get access to a full remote Windows PC in the cloud, where you can install any game from a selection of over 400 and stream them to another computer or a Shield. That’s on top of the original Shield package, which focuses on a more limited list of less advanced titles.Advertisement Saves are handled in the cloud and enable quick swapping across different devices, and as well as the several hundred (usually older) games that come free with GeForce Now, you can also choose to bolster ....

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