What Your Favorite Starbucks Drink Says About You – Delish

What Your Favorite Starbucks Drink Says About You – Delish

Whether you're a die hard cold brew fan or a living-for-PSL-season person, everyone on the planet has a definitive favorite Starbucks drink. Here's what yours says you. ...Take all of this with a grain of salt, BTW—it's coming from a latte human with white chocolate mocha tendencies.
Skinny Vanilla Latte Getty ImagesZhang Peng A person who orders nothing but skinny vanilla lattes cares. A lot. She cares so much! About her appearance. About what other people think of her. About making those around her happy. .

About helping others. About helping the world. What a doll she is! A vaguely superficial one, but still. A doll! Latte The slightly-less-concerned-with-others-and-the-world version of a skinny vanilla latte peep. A latte lover could stand to care more about others and less about herself, honestly, but she's too busy caring about herself to care! Redeeming qualities include: ability to detect bullshit, well-read, and ability to give excellent restaurant recommendations. Hot Chocolate Starbucks A forever-young, loves-the-good-things-in-life kinda person. .

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