Starbucks Billionaire Howard Schultz Is Surprised People Have Reacted Poorly to His Potential Bid for Prez – LA Magazine

Starbucks Billionaire Howard Schultz Is Surprised People Have Reacted Poorly to His Potential Bid for Prez – LA Magazine

There was no complimentary coffee at New Roads High School on Thursday night. “At least they could have had the sous-vide egg bites, ” groused one man who had come to watch Starbucks founder Howard Schultz speak with journalist Maria Shriver. But even without refreshments, dozens of MBA-types, adoring Starbucks employees, and curious politicos crowded the Santa Monica private school’s auditorium for over an hour of friendly banter between the billionaire tycoon and the millionaire Peabody-winner. While the event, hosted by Live Talks Los Angeles, had been billed as a discussion of Schultz’s new book, From the Ground Up, he mostly used the stage to respond to the last three weeks of heavy criticism he’s faced since announcing a potential presidential bid.“We went on 60 Minutes to share with the American people the concern we have for the country and the fact that I think the two party system is not working, ” Schultz explained (although it wasn’t clear who else the “we” referred to).
“We expected there would be resistance and some blowback, but the character assassination and the level of heat that has come my way has surprised me.”More than just the level of heat, the source of ....

“We did not expect that we would say these things and we would be linked directly—that our effort would re-elect Donald Trump and as a result of that we are going to try and stop you. I never imagined that my Democratic friends would go after us in such a visceral manner.”Perhaps because of President Trump’s own (disputed) status as a billionaire, the very existence of billionaires has come under a higher level of scrutiny in the last few years. Galvanized by unapologetically liberal voices like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, left-leaning voices have drawn a connection between the unprecedented accumulation of wealth and soaring income inequality.
In a clip that went viral earlier in the month, Schultz seemed to display an out-of-touch hypersensitivity to his own wealthy status when he pushed back against the use of the term billionaire and substituted the phrase “people of wealth.” Social media went crazy.Howard Schultz says billionaires should be referred to as “people of means” or “people of wealth.”— Waleed Shahid (@_waleedshahid) February 5, 2019 “I think that’s an example of saying something in a public place (like this), and then a soundbite is taken out and misunderstood, ” Schultz said in ....

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