Retail Winner’s Circle: Deckers Outdoor, Starbucks, Amazon And Boot Barn Holdings – Forbes

Retail Winner’s Circle: Deckers Outdoor, Starbucks, Amazon And Boot Barn Holdings – Forbes

Earnings season is rocking, and with that comes the results and forecasts that can make or break a company for its investors (and for analysts.) Despite the headlines that signal the death of retail, or that consumers are tightening their proverbial belts, some companies are presenting evidence to the contrary. Of note and on the radar this season is results related to any and all weather conditions as well as how businesses fared over the holidays. Here are quick recaps of four retail and consumer companies that have earned a spot in the winner’s circle with analysts following their recent results. Deckers Outdoor (photo credit: Getty)Getty The maker of the iconic UGG boot reported yet another EPS and revenue beat for the third quarter. On the call, the company said sales in UGG were $761 million, up 3.6% from a year prior. Meanwhile, growth in its UGG Men’s segment rose to a steady clip with its Tasman slipper doubling in volume compared to a year prior. Ahead of the report, Susquehanna analyst Sam Poser and team updated sentiment, writing, “Based on the cold weather this holiday season, improved product segmentation, and the fact that, ....

Amazon Web Services maintained a very strong growth rate and continued to deliver for customers." Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst at eMarketer, wrote, “Amazon’s profits continue to soar on the back of strong online holiday sales, which are simultaneously fueling its white-hot ad business.  As sellers feel the need to ramp up their Amazon ad spend to drive holiday sales, the margin expansion we’ve been seeing play out over the last several quarters for Amazon only became amplified in the fourth quarter.” Starbucks Coffee (Photo credit: Getty)Getty Starbucks reported a first-quarter EPS and revenue beat. Among its positives, Starbucks showed record revenue of $6.6 billion, or 9% growth year-over-year alongside “digital momentum” as U.S. rewards members grew 14% to 16.3 million. Starbucks also said it saw a “return of $5.5 billion to shareholders through a combination of dividends and buybacks.” Neil Saunders, Managing Director of GlobalData Retail, wrote that momentum within the U.S. .

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