Microsoft Bringing SharePoint Online Page Enhancements This Month –

Microsoft Bringing SharePoint Online Page Enhancements This Month –

News Microsoft Bringing SharePoint Online Page Enhancements This Month By Kurt Mackie 02/26/2019 Microsoft plans to deliver new page enhancements for SharePoint Online users by the end of February. The page enhancements will give SharePoint Online users greater control over a page's title and description. Users also will be getting display improvements, with the ability to set page section background colors, plus the ability to customize page thumbnails, Microsoft announced earlier this month. With regard to page titles, SharePoint Online users will have options for using "four layouts, two alignment choices, text badges above the title, the ability to change the displayed author, and show or hide the published date, " the announcement indicated. Users will be able to customize page thumbnails using the Page Details pane, rather than just accepting an automatically generated thumbnail image, and they'll be able to modify the thumbnail's text description. The section backgrounds capability coming this month will let users put site-theme colors into SharePoint page sections, or they can leave those sections blank. In a SharePoint podcast last week, Denise Trabona, a principal design manager at Microsoft, said that she was most excited about the section backgrounds addition, as it "helps your ....

A link to Microsoft's SharePoint UserVoice forums will take its place, but Microsoft expects to add a new feedback mechanism in the navigation bar "in the coming months." Microsoft also this month is removing the three static photos of group members from site headers. It's being done to deliver a simpler interface. Users can still click on the Members link to see group member names. During the podcast, Trabona answered a question about whether all of this customization will be giving too much control to SharePoint Online end users. She said that the SharePoint design team is hoping to provide a lot of capabilities out of the box, but that SharePoint is still a platform, and so customers will continue to build on top of it. "We just try to provide great guidance, " she added. That guidance includes the SharePoint Look Book, which provides a visual breakdown of modern pages design elements to inspire users. .

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