How Xbox Game Pass on Switch Would Benefit Microsoft, Nintendo, and Players – IGN

How Xbox Game Pass on Switch Would Benefit Microsoft, Nintendo, and Players – IGN

Microsoft and Nintendo could make for an unexpected but welcome team-up. By Jonathon Dornbush The rumor that Microsoft’s Game Pass service could make its way onto the Nintendo Switch came as a shock. It would make for an unprecedented change in the gaming landscape, marking a new era of partnerships in a traditionally segmented industry. But with Microsoft already letting slip its plans to bolster this relationship with the possibility of Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch, a deeper partnership could hugely benefit both companies involved and what players can expect for years to come. Cross-platform games like Minecraft already feature cross-play between platforms (don’t forget those commercials with Microsoft and Nintendo getting all buddy-buddy), so it’s not a total shock that the two companies could be working toward a friendlier future. The addition of Microsoft’s Netflix-like streaming service, plus the possibility of games being directly available on the Switch, isn’t all that surprising given Microsoft’s recent moves. Exit Theatre Mode Of course, this raises more than a few questions about who benefits in this scenario and why would two competing companies consider such an agreement? Let’s take a look at why it makes sense for ....

If the rumors are true and Microsoft leads with cartoony, platforming-intensive games, it would align well with the Switch audience’s interests. Exit Theatre Mode And, if players don’t decide to buy the company’s current-gen console, they’re set up quite nicely to have plenty of content if they decide to buy the next Xbox. Bringing Game Pass to a competitor’s system would likely be another gesture of goodwill in a series of steps Microsoft has taken this generation. Though behind in sales, decisions like backward compatibility, Play Anywhere. Game Pass, and last year’s suite of Microsoft studio acquisitions have demonstrated the company’s intention to service its players both now and in the future. Also, it’s great PR. .

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