Everything Facebook Admitted Just Before Thanksgiving When No One Would Notice

Everything Facebook Admitted Just Before Thanksgiving When No One Would Notice

COO Sheryl Sandberg disclosed that she had come across Definers’s work.Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesAlexa or Google? The Choice Is Getting Easier.DHS Wants to Use Credit Scores to Decide Who Gets to Become a Legal ResidentThe 1951 British Comedy That Anticipated Our Fears About NanotechnologyBeing an Emotional Support Animal Is Probably Not Great for the AnimalOn the day before Thanksgiving, Facebook published a blog post in which COO Sheryl Sandberg and outgoing head of communications Elliot Schrage admitted to lapses in their work with a Republican opposition research firm called Definers. The New York Times had reported in a bombshell investigation the week before that the company hired Definers to create media narratives linking anti-Facebook protestors to liberal billionaire George Soros and criticizing competitors for unsavory business practices.
Facebook severed its ties with Definers after the story, but the company pushed back on the investigation by arguing that it contained “a number of inaccuracies.” The company is now confirming that much of what the Times reported is true, at least when it comes to Definers. In the post, Schrage disclosed that he had decided to hire Definers and was partially directing its efforts on behalf of the company. “Some of this work is ....

Zuckerberg further sought to distance Facebook from Definers by labeling it as a typical “D.C.-type firm” and implying that he did not approve of its tactics.
However, Schrage asserted in his post, “Mark has asked us to reevaluate how we work with communications consultants. It’s not about Definers. It is about us, not them.” Schrage, who had announced his departure in June, also admitted that Facebook’s communications team had in fact asked Definers to “do work” on George Soros, a common target of anti-Semitic attacks from the far right. The Times had reported that Definers pressed journalists to look into financial connections between the Soros family and Freedom from Facebook, an advocacy coalition that has called for the government to break up the social network. .

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